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Hampton Park Vets have three sites in Salisbury, Downton and Ringwood. In 2017, they made the decision to move from The Animal Healthcare Company to a plan from Simplyhealth Professionals. Laura Pearcey, Practice Manager, explains the reasoning behind the decision.

“We’ve been offering health plans to our clients since 2010 with The Animal Healthcare Company. We find that offering a health plan has led to a huge increase in flea and worm treatment sales. Our clients love the fact they can save a bit of money and spread the cost, so it’s not a large expense in one go. We find it helps us to secure our clients’ loyalty too.

“We wanted more support in terms of staff training, marketing materials and our monthly reports. We spoke to a Business Development Consultant, Lauren, about what Simplyhealth Professionals could offer.

“Lauren came to see us and we reviewed the plans and the leaflet designs. It was so easy. When moving to Simplyhealth Professionals we introduced a joining fee, and we were nervous about how clients would respond to this. But we’ve actually found it helps with retention as the clients have paid for it so they place a value on the membership.

“Lauren did a great job of training our team on the new plan offering. As we’d offered plans for a while, a lot of our staff are experienced in what the plan includes and we didn’t want them to feel patronised. Lauren tailored the training specifically for our practice so that everyone got something out of it. It was all that we’d expected and more! We’ve got more training on other subjects like Customer Service already booked in for later in the year.

“I would definitely recommend animal health plans from Simplyhealth Professionals to other practices. It’s easy, simple and with great support.”

Holmefield Vets, based near Selby in North Yorkshire, have offered an animal health plan through Simplyhealth Professionals for just over three years. They currently have just over 2000 pets subscribed to the plan. Louise Davison, MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon and Company Director shares their animal health plan story:

“We toyed with the idea of a preventive health plan for quite a while before taking the plunge. Our biggest concern was that the plan would only appeal to our already compliant clients, so we’d end up offering a discount on services we were already earning a solid income from!

“But the more research we did, the more we found this not to be the case. When we began offering our plan, it appealed to a lot of the clients who we didn’t see as regularly. It’s had a really positive impact on the preventive health of pets at our practice.

“As a practice, it’s had a positive impact as the regular payment coming through helps to keep things on an even keel. The practice is certainly more profitable than it was before we started the plan. There’s been a lot of other improvements going on as well, but it’s certainly contributed.

“We’ve got a good relationship with our Business Development Consultant, and we get the right level of support when it comes to managing the plan and marketing support. We’ve had some in-house training, and it’s one of the reasons why I feel the plan has been so successful. Everyone in the practice, from the Reception team to the nurses and vets are comfortable promoting the benefits of the plan, and we’re getting a consistent message across to our clients.

“I would have no second thoughts recommending an animal health plan from Simplyhealth Professionals to other practices. I’m extremely pleased we took the step to offer a plan.”

Other vets said:

“Preventive care through a Pet Health Plan means that you can be assured that the clients are using effective and safe products on their pets at the right time and supplied by the practice.”

GUDRUN RAVETZ - MRCVS, BVSc, CertMgmt, GDL.Veterinary Advisor to Pet Health Plans

"Our clients have easily bought into the benefits of preventive healthcare and our staff enjoy the fact that once clients are on a Pet Health Plan, they no longer need to 'push' preventive healthcare products."

PARTNER - London

"When I analysed practice records I found the percentage of vaccinated dogs also buying flea and worm treatments from the practice went up from 45% (buying any, not necessarily a year's worth) to 100% buying a full year's treatment on the plans."

MARK MORAN - Vets In Business

"I could see that locking in income from 'healthy pets' was the way forward for my small animal practice....a significant proportion of my income will be regular and from preventive healthcare initiatives and products."

PARTNER - London

"Our brochure’s great. Presentation is great and quality is very good and professional. I like it! Excellent support from Pet Health Plans from Denplan… like the displays, the open day event and the Christmas and Easter promotions"

PRACTICE MANAGER - Gloucestershire

"… a lot of people have come back with really positive feedback saying how they've waited and waited for something to come along like this and now it has!"


"We decided to offer Pet Health Plans in the current economic climate to help the clients spread the costs of general health care and that will tie them to the practice. Keeping the clients coming back in is a good way of looking after your clients."


"Pet Health Plans from Denplan training, support and experience has proved vital in developing the team approach we need. Our consultant is very good at her job and helps keep motivation levels high."

PARTNER - Penrith