Pets Online Portal

Sign up new clients, add new pets and instantly view client information

Our online pets portal gives you instant access to your clients’ information, allowing you to proactively manage your client base at the click of a button. Adding new pets to plans and signing up new clients is quick and simple.

pets portal

With access to up to date payment histories, you can be confident that you are treating pets who are registered on a plan and dispensing medications which have been paid for.

The pets portal is compatible with mobile and tablet devices which gives you the opportunity to get out from behind the reception desk and have proper conversations with pet owners in the waiting room.

pets portal

Ask your Business Development Consultant to register you for an account and once you’ve registered, login here:

Log In

  •  - Login online 
  •  - Add new pets and sign up clients 
  •  - Access client information 
  •  - Administer client details 
  •  - Cancel plans 
  •  - Issue refunds 
  •  - Update payment information
  •  - and much more...