Our service and support will make the difference

Promoting your plans

To make it as easy as possible for you to promote your animal health plans, our expert marketing team will help to design high quality brochures and posters for your practice.

We’ll also produce price comparison charts to demonstrate the savings your clients can make.

We know your staff aren't salespeople, so your Business Development Consultant will train your team on why your practice's health plan is good for your clients as well as your practice.

We've got the experience to show your team that they don't need sales techniques to get your clients to sign up. They just need to engage them in a quality conversation about wellness and prevention.

Ongoing support

We will help you keep your animal health plans fresh with seasonal campaigns and posters, and social media content you can share on your own practice pages.

The real key to success is ensuring that all of your team are confident to talk positively about the benefits of an animal health plan to your clients, not just at the launch but consistently. That’s why your Business Development Consultant will visit you regularly, and can offer ongoing training for your team.

All of this support is included in your regular fees, there’s no additional charges.