For financial security

Animal health plans can make your life as a vet a little easier

We understand that being a vet is a rewarding and challenging profession. We also appreciate that running a business can be time consuming and, at times, hard work. We want to try and help make your business as successful and stress free as possible and we realise that being able to manage cash flow is important to allow you to be able to get on and do the clinical work you love.

How we help our vets

Offering an animal health plan means you receive a guaranteed monthly income, even if clients miss appointments, providing the security and assurance that enables you to plan and forecast profits for your practice.

We can also help you work out your monthly prices so that you can have confidence that the plans are good for your practice and your clients.

The Simplyhealth Professionals fee covers everything to help implement and maintain the plan at your practice, such as literature, administration, consultancy, training, mailings and customer service.

Your Business Development Consultant can help you achieve financial security and future stability within your practice. A guaranteed monthly income for you and budgeting for your client.

Good for your clients too

Our healthcare payment plans allows your clients to budget for their pets’ preventive care. Our pay-monthly plans can also encourage clients to visit you more regularly, which will allow you to pick up on any health problems sooner and give clients peace of mind that their pets are healthy.

Denplan pet health plans are designed to be used to support a preventive approach to pets’ overall healthcare and help clients pay for those essential check-ups and routine preventive treatments.

"I found that puppies and kittens on the plans increased spend by 200% on scheme services compared with those not on the plans, and by 45% - 65% more on other wellness services promoted through the scheme." ... "I would recommend practices look into these plans if they want to protect and improve their income."  Mark Moran - Vets In Business

"I could see that locking in income from 'healthy pets' was the way forward for my small animal practice....a significant proportion of my income will be regular and from preventive healthcare initiatives and products."  Partner - London