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Help your clients prioritise their pets’ health through a animal health plan

Animal health plans are designed to be used to support a preventive approach to pets’ overall healthcare and encourage clients to visit you more regularly, increasing compliance for preventive care.

Our plans make prevention simpler for everyone and the choice is yours as to what treatments you want to offer in your client package(s). Offering an animal health plan will allow you to be sure that pets in your practice are kept healthy while giving clients the peace of mind they want about their pets’ health.

Clients committing to a monthly payment are more likely to ensure that they are getting the services and treatments they’ve signed up to, which means that compliance with preventive treatments and services will increase. More regular visits will also allow for a better understanding on the part of the client of the importance their pets’ health and the significance of an early diagnosis if there are any problems.

Having an animal health plan is an opportunity to help change pet owner behaviour by encouraging responsible pet ownership and making access to preventive healthcare easier and more affordable.

"When I analysed practice records I found the percentage of vaccinated dogs also buying flea and worm treatments from the practice went up from 45% (buying any, not necessarily a year's worth) to 100% buying a full year's treatment on the plans."  Mark Moran - Vets In Business

"Our clients have easily bought into the benefits of preventive healthcare and our staff enjoy the fact that once clients are on a pet health plan, they no longer need to 'push' preventive healthcare products." Partner - London

“Preventive care through a pet health plan means that you can be assured that the clients are using effective and safe products on their pets at the right time and supplied by the practice.”  Gudrun Ravetz - MRCVS, BVSc, CertMgmt, GDL.Veterinary Advisor to Denplan pet health plans