Pet Insurance - Accidental Injury Cover

Protect yourself against unexpected treatment costs with Pet Accidental Injury Cover

What is Accidental Injury Cover?

Accidental Injury Cover (AIC) is a low cost insurance plan designed for pet owners who want a simple product that suits their needs rather than full cover pet insurance. AIC provides you with peace of mind, knowing that, should your much loved pet suffer an injury caused by an accident and require treatment, AIC is there to help ease the worry of how you will pay for it.

What does AIC cover?

AIC will allow you to claim up to £5,000 per year against treatment for injuries caused by accidents, ensuring that you are able to provide your pet with treatment to get them out of pain or discomfort.

Pet Accidental Injury Cover AIC insurance low cost cheap

Do I still need pet insurance if I have AIC?

AIC can complement a pet insurance policy but it is not a substitute for full cover pet insurance. AIC won’t cover treatment for illness, sickness or disease. AIC won’t cover pre-existing conditions or everyday pet healthcare needs.

Is AIC right for me?

This policy is suitable for pet owners who wish to insure their dog, cat or rabbit against the cost of treatment for an accidental injury. It is not suitable for pet owners who want to insure their pet for long term treatment or illness. This policy is not suitable for pets which are used in any profession, occupation or business.

We can only provide you with information on Simplyhealth’s products, and we will not give you any advice or a personal recommendation for these products. However, we think that these questions will help you decide whether or not this policy is suitable for you: 

Are you looking for cover for your family pet (dog, cat or rabbit) towards treatment costs caused by an accidental injury only (not for illness)? Are you comfortable buying cover that has financial limits and that treatment is limited to 12 months after the accident? If you have answered ‘No’ to the questions above we ask that you take a moment to decide whether or not this policy is really suitable for you.

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If you’re an existing customer looking to claim on your pet's AIC, please use the link below to download our claim form. Alternatively you can speak to one of our customer advisors regarding your cover on 0800 587 2582 or email

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