Advice for new owners

A few tips and tricks for the new pet owner

  • Pet proof your home – items like wires, remote controls, shoes, poisonous plants and easy to chew or swallow items such as socks and gloves can all pose serious threats to your pet
  • Help your new furry friend stay physically fit. You should ensure your pet is getting enough exercise, not only to avoid becoming overweight but also to use up any extra pent-up energy. Regular exercise deters destructive behaviour around your home
  • Avoid giving pets any human food. Pet food is designed to contain all the nutrients they need to stay fit and healthy. There are a lot of human foods that are toxic to animals
  • Picking up after your new puppy is essential and polite. Pet waste can potentially contain harmful bacteria which can be consumed by other pets and even children
  • From about four to seven months of age, puppies grow their adult teeth and start teething. To ease the pain, you should think about getting a tooth friendly chew toy or two
  • Stay alert for unusual behaviour. It doesn’t take long and requires just a little bit of attention to learn your pet’s moods and habits. It’s important to do this, so you can quickly spot any change in behaviour that could be due to a medical condition