Celebrate National Pet Month with a walk on the beach

Posted by Katrina on 11/04/2018
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Nothing gets the blood pumping like a windy walk on the beach and nothing would make your dog happier than to join you. We’ve put together a list of some of the best beaches in the UK for dog walks, this spring.

1) Watergate Bay, Cornwall.

Watergate Bay is not only beautiful but enormous with golden sands stretching up to two miles at low tide. Great for swimming and dog friendly all-year round, it has car-parking and easy access to the beach, as well as toilet facilities, cafes and restaurants. The perfect choice for canines in Cornwall. View it on a map


2) Rhossili Bay, Wales.

Recently nominated by The Times as ‘The UK’s No.1 dog-friendly beach’, Rhossili Bay was destined to make it onto our list. Three miles of sandy shore, surrounded by walking routes and stunning views make Rhossili Bay a real Welsh wonder. View it on a map


3) Gairloch Beach, Scotland.

Scotland might not spring to mind when you picture sun, sea and sand. However, surrounded by mountains and moorland, Gairloch Beach is well known for its striking sunsets and sandy, heather scattered dunes. Safe and sheltered with plenty of room for dogs to run around, it could just be your new favourite place. View it on a map


4) Hurst Spit, Hampshire.

A blustery stroll along Hurst Spit puts you less than a mile from the Isle of Wight and will reward you, not only with stunning views out across the Solent, but a magnificent castle to explore. Exhibitions are dog-friendly, if you like a bit of history with your hound, and a run up and down the shingle bank is perfect for pets with boundless energy. View it on a map


5) Robin Hood’s Bay, Yorkshire.

Mostly submerged by water at high tide, this beautiful beach is transformed when the tide goes out, revealing soft sand and rock pools, against a backdrop of craggy cliffs. Popular with fossil hunters and dog-friendly all-year-round, Robin Hood Bay is a great place to go for discovery and adventure. View it on a map


6) Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland.

Bamburgh Beach will stick in your memory forever, with the dramatic silhouette of Bamburgh Castle dominating the skyline above it and a wide expanse of dune-fringed sands, reaching out towards the Farne Islands. It’s a beach of variety which is open to dog walkers, horse riders and families alike. A great place to watch kite surfers soaring across the waves and enjoy striking sunsets. View it on a map


7) Ballycastle Beach, Northern Ireland.

The traditional seaside town of Ballycastle, on the Antrim coast boasts a beautiful stretch of clean, dog-friendly beach. Only a short distance from the town centre, Ballycastle Beach is a great spot for swimming, relaxing and taking in the pretty views of Rathlin Island. View it on a map


Simplyhealth Chief Veterinary Officer, Gudrun Ravetz has some top tips for keeping your dog safe on the beach.

  1. A lovely sunny day by the beach is great but watch out for heat stroke. Make sure you have plenty of fresh water for your dog to drink and don't let them drink sea water. If you stop for a sit on the beach make sure there is shade for your dog.  
  2. Be careful of litter and other foreign objects that your pet may eat.  
  3. Watch out for jellyfish. A jellyfish sting can be painful for a dog and can cause other problems, so if you’re aware of jellyfish on the beach, try and keep dogs away from them.
  4. Most dogs can swim but they can still get into danger in strong currents and waves so, while they can enjoy the sea, take care.
  5. Enjoy yourself with your pet but if at all concerned, contact your vet and if on holiday, make sure you know the number of the nearest vet, just in case.