A behind the scenes look at our latest recruitment incentive, The Breakfast Club

Posted by Lee on 31/08/2017

Our recruitment incentives are a fun way for us to engage with practices. We set each practice a recruitment target and if they achieve it they are rewarded, in this instance with a hamper full of delicious breakfast goodies to share.

To build a campaign, we follow a simple process which can be broken down into five stages. Here’s a little behind the scenes look into the development of our latest campaign, The Breakfast Club.

Listening to feedback

The marketing team meet with the Business Development Consultants (BDCs) regularly. The BDCs listen to what practices are asking for and provide us with great insight into what practices find motivating and enjoyable so that we can build campaigns to fit.

We’ve learned that practices mostly enjoy food rewards. So, this time we thought a mixed hamper of breakfast goodies would cater for a variety of tastes and give team members something to feast on.

Developing the concept

Once we’d decided to reward practices with a breakfast hamper, we thought about what marketing materials we would need to supply and how these could be presented in a fun and engaging way.

Adopting the popular trend of ‘flat lay photography’, whereby items are showcased lying flat and a picture is taken from above, we arranged breakfast items on a nice piece of slate. Then, using an LED lamp and tripod, we photographed the items in various placements, as well as inside the hamper so that we had a variety of shots from different perspectives.

 making one

Collaborating with our design & print studio

Our studio Lead Designer, Rich added the copy, logos and diagrams to the best photographs. We then took the designs to our Print Manager Chris, who suggested we use a Skodix printing technique to create a textured effect. This printing technique gives the impression that the card feels like slate to touch, as well as a 3D effect to the coffee mug, orange and croissant.

 process BC

Bringing The Breakfast Club to life online

To support The Breakfast Club online, we launched an online blog. The blog was where practices could go to find out more about the prize and other important information, such as the T&Cs.

The marketing team had some great fun creating short videos for our newsletter content. We came up with five short video clips involving playful interactions with the breakfast items found in the hamper. In one video we placed five croissants on the slate, four of us took one each and then one person went back for a cheeky second helping. We wanted to tease at the playful, sharing nature of The Breakfast Club and get practices excited about it.

cross giff

Campaign is live! Keeping practices updated

The campaign launched on 1st September 2017. Throughout the month until the end of the campaign, we will be providing practices with weekly updates via campaign newsletters.

Each newsletter will be personalised to show the practice how well their recruitment was going and how close they are to achieving their target.

We love it when practices send in pictures of themselves getting involved in the campaign. It’s great to see practices working so hard to achieve their targets. And of course, all the great feedback from practices when they get their yummy hampers!

new hamper 2