Our service and support will make the difference

Reports and annual business reviews

We are experts at administering preventive plans for you so of course we will keep you completely in the picture about how your pet health plans are doing, so you (and your Accountant) don’t have to worry about it. Each month you will receive two reports: 

An ‘Unpaid Report’ early in the month showing you immediately any clients for whom we have been unable to collect a payment and why. If it is the first month they have not paid, we will write to them to let them know, giving them the opportunity to pay over the phone to us immediately, or to pay any dues by Direct Debit the following month. If it is the second month in a row they have not paid, we will write to them cancelling their plan and let you know. We leave it to you to decide whether to treat their pet(s) that month if they come in.

Your ‘Monthly Report’ later in the month gives full details, of every client and pet, which plan they are on, payment status and any changes for you to add to your records, together with a breakdown of payments made into your bank and your VAT invoice to pass to your Accountant.

On top of that, your Business Development Consultant will visit regularly with figures and observations on your plans and can offer various surveys, unique analysis tools and training if you want to alter your direction or grow your plans more quickly.

You have the opportunity to change your plans and prices after an annual review. As part of this review process we can undertake a Practice Team Feedback Survey to gauge your team’s opinions and attitudes to the plans, the results of which can guide your plan and price review with your Business Development Consultant. It will also help everyone plan training and support requirements for the following year. We will reprint your literature with your new prices and write to all your plan clients with the required notice of payment changes.

Looking after your clients

Our friendly Customer Advisor team will look after your clients as well as you’d expect us to. We will sign them up to your plans over the phone (and let you know immediately) when they call us and we can even do a follow up call for you (with your and their permission) if you don’t have time to talk to them while they’re in practice. Once they have joined, we’ll send them a Welcome letter confirming payments, we’ll look after their bank details and collect payment for you each month. They can email or call us any time if they have any questions or change their details. If for any reason we cannot collect a payment one month, we’ll write to them, let you know and process all due payments the following month. We will write to them when you review your prices each year and adjust payment collections automatically.

Pet health plans and beyond

As soon as we are collecting over £4,500 a month from your pet health plan, you unlock access to the next level of support to build your practice even further with valuable business-generating benefits: 

  • We’ll undertake an independent Client Survey for you with 400 of your clients (not just health plan clients) to see how they feel about various aspects of your practice. Your confidential results will help you plan for the future. This sort of survey would cost thousands to source yourself and we’ll do it for you at no cost
  • We’ll prepare a customer profile report for your practice, showing what kind of households your clients are compared with your local area. This can help you tailor your communications, image, marketing and services. This kind of report is worth over £2,500 and we will do it for no charge
  • Every month we will telephone any of your pet health plan clients we cannot collect payment from (who are ‘unpaid’), speeding up payment and sorting out any queries for you
  • Extra bespoke training for your practice team, tailored to your requirements based on a training needs analysis (not related to pet health plans) at no charge.

The pet health plans team

When you team up with Denplan pet health plans to offer pet health plans, you gain access to a dedicated, passionate and expert partner. Your first - and face to face - contact will be your Business Development Consultant and day to day you’ll have a dedicated Practice Support Advisor in the office, although of course you can talk to anyone in the Customer Service Team. They are supported by the rest of the pet health plans team, which brings together people with top skills in customer service, administration, marketing, finance, IT and innovation, as well as a practising veterinary surgeon. We’re proud to work closely with top veterinary business consultants and veterinary suppliers, including practice management system providers.

Of course there is more to know, so contact your Business Development  Consultant, call the office or ask for our full brochure.