Our expertise will help you design your plan

Designing your pet health plan

Our experience has given us a good idea of what you can include in your plan to achieve what you want to, for cats, dogs and rabbits. We’ll use our bespoke design system to price your plans on the spot and of course you can tweak them as you wish.

Your plans must include vaccination boosters, year-round flea and worm treatment and six-monthly health checks as a minimum and you can add other treatments or discounts on treatments, medications or food, for example.

You may want a simple ‘adult’ plan or you may want specific juvenile, adult and senior plans – we can advise depending on your circumstances and administer however you set them up.

Once you’re happy with your plan design and pricing, we will go on to produce your literature and prepare you to launch your plan.

Preparing to launch

Once you’ve decided to offer your clients a health plan and designed your plans we will set up your membership, agree a ‘Countdown to Launch’ timetable with you and produce your brochures and support materials, team training and web links for your launch – remember, no set up costs.

We’ll help you check all clinical and administration protocols are in place and it’s a good idea to set some internal targets and plan how you are going to measure, reward and celebrate achievements.

Launching in your practice

The day you launch your pet health plans in your practice will be exciting and busy! Your Business Development Consultant will be there to support the whole team and answer queries from your clients when they come in.

Plus, our team in the office will also be taking calls, signing up clients over the phone and keeping you updated. We know that team buy-in and motivation are key to the success of your pet health plans and communication to your clients and that’s why we’ll be there to support you every step of the way, before, during and way beyond your launch day.