Working together for a heathier, happier life for your pet

Denplan pet health plans for cats, dogs and rabbits can give you:

  • Monthly Direct Debit allows you to budget for your pets essential healthcare, including vaccinations, flea, worm and parasite treatments
  • Having a plan will encourage you to take your pet for regular health checks, preventive treatments and advice
  • Visiting your vet regularly will increase the chance to diagnose and manage any health issues your pet may develop earlier
  • However young or old your pet, a pet health plan is designed to adapt to your pet's needs, from puppy and kitten to adulthood and throughout its senior years
  • In some cases your vet will grant you exclusive discounted prices on other services and treatments, including food from your local practice if they have supplied this option in their plan
  • Be reassured that you are providing the most proactive care for your pet throughout its life