Questions about Simplyhealth Professionals

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From Thursday 16th February 2017, Denplan and Denplan Pet Health Plans will be known as Simplyhealth Professionals

Since Denplan and Simplyhealth joined forces in 2011, we've been working together successfully. So uniting under the Simplyhealth brand just makes sense. And we've a lot in common.

Natural innovators, we've both grown in size and reputation. By working together, under one brand, we believe we can build on this shared reputation - ensuring a great future for you and your clients. Helping people make the most of life is at the heart of what we do, it's our purpose, our commitment, our reason for being. Please read below to find answers to some of the questions you may have.

Denplan has been owned by Simplyhealth for five years. Why is this brand change coming now?

Denplan has been part of Simplyhealth since 2011 and during the last several years we have undertaken a strategic review to ensure that the organisation as a whole is set up for success and that we all have a clear focus on the direction we want to head in. We have worked together to make these decisions and so now feels like the right time to rebrand ourselves as one voice and one brand which will encompass a number of different marketplaces. It made sense for us to rebrand ourselves under the overall Simplyhealth umbrella as Simplyhealth Professionals, but our service and people will remain the same.

What are the benefits of this brand change for me and my practice?

Simplyhealth supports over 3.5 million people with their everyday health, and many thousands of practitioners across the country. This change will enable us to build on the strength of our reputations, while being able to provide access to a greater pool of resources and have one powerful voice within the healthcare industry as a whole. As Denplan Pet Health Plans will now be recognised in the wider context of Simplyhealth, your practice will benefit from the increasing brand awareness of Simplyhealth to help people across the UK with their everyday healthcare. By uniting under the Simplyhealth brand, we can align ourselves clearly in clients' minds with a nationally recognised company.

What should we tell our clients?

As your clients have their real relationship with you, as their Veterinary Practice, you don't need to say anything to them at all. We'll write to them in due course to let them know about the change to the brand.

Why have you chosen a running sponsorship? How will that help me as a Vet?

The partnership with the Great Run series was chosen as it provides a good fit both with many of our customers and practices who enjoy running as a pastime and source of general exercise - not to mention all those customers who run with their dogs! Our aim is to get one million people moving and provide practical things in the healthcare space that will support your practice with customer engagement and brand awareness. We want your customers to recognise Simplyhealth as a company to support their overall health, as well as their families and pets too.